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01/06/2018 10:39:15

Teen Titans Go, a series by idiots, for idiots! Flagged

To clarify, I never saw the original Teen Titans, but, given his show, I'm not sure if I want to. How the actual Hell did this get popular?

The characters: Awful, every single one of them. They're all bland, uninteresting and stereotypes of stereotypes

The humor: God awful. It's silly, thoughtless schlock and not even the good kind (and I'm the guy who likes stuff like Family Guy and Unikitty!)

The plots (oh boy): Do you know the worst part about this show. The awful morals and constant middle fingers to critics who hate it (A.K.A. people with actual tastes and functioning brain cells)

They literally ended one episode stating "Yeah, girls are just better than boys". It's bad enough when a show even vaguely implies that but it outright states it.

And do I need to mention shit like the Return of Slade episode? What was worse than the blatant middle fingers from the creators is the amount of fans actually defending it (Yes, this somehow has fans)

I don't see how anyone outside of an infant with down syndrome could ever enjoy this show. I recommend you avoid it at all cost and let everyone else you know to avoid it at all cost. That way, maybe Cartoon Network can finally cancel it and show some more love to shows that actually have thought, meaning, care and a reason to exist. (Like Steven Universe. Yeah, I said it. Who want some?!)

01/02/2018 00:00:00

This is kind of awkward because I also really dislike the show so I was thinking \'Woo! Negative review! I\'m going to agree with this!\' and then you kind of spent a lot of time just saying that things about it are terrible (correctly) but without really explaining why they\'re terrible and then you said that you think that the only people who could ever enjoy this show have down syndrome and... eeehhhhhhhhh.

So now I have to disagree with a negative review of a show that I don\'t like. Mondays, eh?

01/05/2018 00:00:00

^^^ It\'s not like there\'s much detail on what makes it terrible, since the show is so god damn basic and bland.

and I stand by that down syndrome remark. I don\'t know anyone with any actual cognitive thought or taste could enjoy a minute of this show.

01/06/2018 00:00:00

Trust me, the original Teen Titans cartoon is nothing like this. In fact that\'s the primary reason fans of it are pissed against this show: it completely denatured them. But I do appreciate the perspective of someone who never watched it: it proves this show is terrible even when standing of its own.

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