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01/01/2018 11:04:17 •••

The Last Jedi

Let me preface this by stating that if you are reading this, you really should just go see the movie and form your own opinion. In the end I can only state how I feel about the film and what I felt worked and didn't work. Spoilers are in bound because there is no way to talk about this movie without them. This will probably just be me complaining.

To begin, let us cover what I found good, the Luke and Rey Scenes, Kylo taking over and actually being intimidating, Snoke's fabulous outfit and throne room, the revelation that Rey's parents are nobodies. The fact that this movie tries to do its own thing.

What I found lacking, Admiral Holdo's subplot, Finn and Rose's Subplot, the Chase, the First Order, the final battle, DJ, Captain Phasma, how little we know about Snoke, Leia saving herself.

Snoke is never properly explained and is quite literally cut short, we never know who he is or why he brought the empire back. We don't know how the First Order got all this power, especially since this is set only a few days after the events of TFA. The Final Battle is interesting but why did Rose knock Finn out of the when he would've easily given everyone a better chance at fighting and escaping. Sure it's because she claims that it's about saving the things we love, but that plotline feels somewhat out of left field.

Captain Phasma's time isn't even more than the last movie and she's pretty much uninteresting. The chase takes up a large part of the movie and feels empty. Leia's superman scene was just too ridiculous not to laugh at, when her death while shocking would have been surprisingly fitting for a series about war, and with Carrie Fisher's death, we're left with the inevitable truth of a bus crash coming next movie.

To cover my final issue, how come Admiral Holdo nor anyone else told Poe what was going on? The entire Finn and Rose subplot could have been avoided had Poe simply known, and his mutiny wasn't done alone, others weren't kept in the loop on the plan, so how come they weren't informed since a evacuation can't be preformed without people knowing. It does take me out of the movie, especially when at least 2/3rds comprise the plot. Poe was demoted sure, but he was still a member of a relatively small group of the resistance and needed to know what was going on.

In the end, I did not enjoy the movie and will not be including it on my rewatches of the sequel trilogy often and can only wonder where the hell we go next. If you enjoyed the movie, that's good, I just couldn't.

01/01/2018 00:00:00

Rose did not sacrifice herself.

And people keep forgetting this. Poe mutinies after he learns Holdo's plan. Holdo's mistake is not keeping Poe in a brig for insubordination in order to uphold Unspoken Plan Guarantee.

01/01/2018 00:00:00

Ah that is true. I'll try to fix that, thank you for bringing this to my attention.

A off screen moment of Holdo informing Poe, with Poe stepping off the bridge satisfied would have worked since he asked her if she had a plan and she said nothing at all. Leading him to wonder if she had any plan at all and was driving them to their deaths, causing him to send Finn and Rose off to Canto Bite to find a hacker which ends up screwing over the plan as they get found out by the First Order thanks to this.

01/01/2018 00:00:00

In the end, whether Finn destroys the mini Death Star doesn\'t really change much.

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