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12/26/2017 17:36:53 •••

A decent plot ruined by poor, and pointless, characterization

A Spoiler-Free Review

As a plot, The Last Jedi is actually not bad. It goes something like this: After a disastrous attack on the First Order, the Resistance flees, only to realize they were tracked through light speed. They can move faster for the time being, but the rebels must find a way to deactivate this tracking before the ships run out of fuel and are sitting ducks, dooming the galaxy.

It's a simple, and somewhat original, plot. Unfortunately, the movie focuses on the characters, which was a big mistake. Finn takes center-stage this time around, sharing it with newcomer Engineer Rose. I think Rose exists because people didn't take well to Rey, but Rose is actually even worse, with an obnoxious attitude that varies between crying over her sister (who died in the failed assault) and heavy-handedly lecturing about the evils of people. When she reflects that saving a bunch of animals during a disastrous mission made everything worth it, I rolled my eyes so hard it hurt as much as the rest of her character.

The other characters themselves were just boring: The most Finn comes to a personality was being excited by a casino; Rey spends her time Force-Skyping with Kylo Ren and wondering about her parents; and Poe, the most interesting of the three, spends it being dressed down and talking to people. In fact, the only interesting characters around were the always-cute and awesome BB-8, the surprising twists by a new Rebel authority, played by Laura Dern, and Benecio del Toro's DJ.

After a surprise Force ghost appearance from Yoda and an homage to Hoth, the story ends with everyone reunited and I'm left wondering what on Earth was the point of this. Some things happened, but it could've all been condensed to about ten minutes, and I would've been spared an hour listening to Rose.

12/26/2017 00:00:00

Neither of us liked the movie but we\'re opposites in what we liked and disliked. I hated the plot because to me it simply repeated all the themes of the original trilogy, a good underdog vs a bad overlord empire. It felt like nothing had progressed since the original trilogy. At least in The Force Awakens, the Rebels were their own galactic power up until J.J. Abrams decided to make a dick measuring contest between the Death Star and his own superweapon. I didn\'t realize the extent of the damage until this movie reduced them to a pathetic 400. Does it even qualify as an enemy when your troops outnumber them by at least 6 numeral places?

I don\'t get your hatred of Rose, but she seemed sweet to me. If a sibling of mine died on such short notice, I wouldn\'t shut up about it either, especially when the plot involved visiting my birth home. Her wrecking the oppressive society of her home planet was simply a last defiant shot. She figured they were all doomed anyway, so she was trying to assure Finn that she didn\'t have any regrets about her actions.

12/26/2017 00:00:00

The planet wasn\'t her birth home, she was talking about the First Order strip-mining her planet dry, and then profiteers (who inhabit the planet they go too) get rich off of the war.

Just like with Rey complaining about her parents, I\'m not interested in hearing about Rose or her sister. I never got to know the sister (I think her name starts with a P or something) and I\'m not interested in a moral lecture.

I agree with you that the themes are tried and trodden, but I wasn\'t expecting them to change.

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