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Reviews WesternAnimation / The Iron Giant

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12/25/2017 00:00:00

Aside from the fact that TVT review moderation team seems to be staffed by literal sloths (and thus these will be cluttering up the review list until at least 2023) why ask for both of them to be deleted?

It wasn't a great review, hinging on asking the writers to bog down a kids film already rife with harsh realities, with unnecessarily detailed depictions of nuclear weapons launch protocols, but at least it was something.

For my part, I like to that view part of the movie in the context of the nuclear scare culture going on in its setting (something we'll become familiar with ourselves to a great extent in the seemingly inevitable future). When you live every day in fear of the bomb, especially to a child's eyes, it will feel like any madman with sufficient authority can order the drop at the tip of a hat. Let's just be thankful that we have all these real-life safeguards in place because if all you had to do was bark orders and press a big red button, America (and its psychopathic manchild of a newly-elected leader) wouldn't have made it a week past January 20, 2017.

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