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08/25/2019 14:59:05 •••

Little Better Than A Beast Indeed

Few times before have I felt so insulted. Sure I only read volume 2 of Vision's new series, I may be missing some important context, but I sure don't see how this won an Eisner award or became called "the greatest thing in Marvel comics" at any time. What I read looked more like a juvenile Robot Chicken skit than a serious drama.

I can't understand why Vision is still having trouble understanding human emotions or behavior. I'd expect this from an newly created, badly programmed android, not one that's been around for decades and has interacted with thousands of other characters.

His new family look like mentally defunct jokes than actual characters to grow attached to, with their appearance identical to Vision, having names that begin with "Vi" the creepy completely circular eyes of Vin and Viv, their annoying habits such as repeating words for no reason, or their extremely cliched robot dialogue. How are gems such as "I'm coded to be 16, get out of my room" supposed to be an improvement over how Viv was written in Champions!? The ultra rare and strong metal Vibranium is now used for the most mundane objects like a lighter or piano keys, making iconic objects like Cap's shield or Black Panther's equipment look less special.

The flashback of Wanda and Vision kissing behind a tree while their friends and allies the Avengers get thrashed about and innocent civilian bystanders may be in danger, just makes them look like assholes. Virginia alters her husband/creator's (insert incest joke here) like an evil bitch over flimsy assumptions of self preservation. Vision is somehow now able to smack around about two dozen other superheroes as if they were made of paper mache. Earth's mightiest heroes indeed.

As for Victor, it was one thing to transform him into a spineless, lying, cussing, thieving murderer with the world's most impractical case of substance abuse, who suddenly doesn't know how to control his own electromagnetic powers which suddenly require visible open up compartments on his arms, despite having had passed off as a normal kid at a public school. But they just had to shit on the Runaways too, implying them to be unsupportive and negligent to Victor, careless and spoiled enough to have Chase just inherent the Vibranium rather then find or steal it, and fight large alien invasions in Newyork as something routine, which is just wrong on so many levels.

The deaths of Vin, Victor and the dog just come across as black comedy in their narmy execution. Virginia's suicide was handled better. I find it laughable that the dog came back and Vision works to revive his wife, but we're supposed to believe that only Vin's death was permanent? Looks more like Vision just didn't care for his son that much.

The only part I did enjoy or find truly heartfelt was the scene where Viv prays to God for Vin's soul, even though she thinks the existence of both God and souls are highly improbable. That's it.

08/25/2019 00:00:00

\"Sure I only read volume 2 of Vision\'s new series, I may be missing some important context\"

tldr; \"I only read the last half of this comic, but I\'m sure the entire thing sucked because I don\'t know how to read things properly.\"

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