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11/18/2017 13:56:33 •••

Great Characters, Bad Plot

The Justice League Movie is DC's attempt to regain favor with the fandom while also trying to catch up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and while the DC Extended Universe has made some significant progress with the game changer that is Wonder Woman, Justice League doesn't quite manage to live up to either what the DCEU has proven it can be or the MCU's Avengers, or the DCAU's Justice League. However, as the title hinted at, that's has nothing to do with the League itself as the film does a pretty damn good job at giving each member their own, back story, personality and personal goal.

While having the smallest amount of screen time even Superman is a big improvement in contrast to how he was handled in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman. The cast also had some pretty great chemistry as I really believed that these characters were friends despite only knowing one another for a few days in universe. While BVS did nothing to make me want to see Aquaman, The Batman or The Flash movie Justice League got me invested in them so I do want to see where their journey takes them next. The one weak link in the film, in my opinion, is Ray Fisher as Cyborg, he was very wooden and dull which resulted in a number of scenes that I'm likely going to skip over when I buy the film on Blu-ray. Everyone else, however, did a fantastic job.

The plot on the other hand is terrible. Its way to short, its hard to fallow despite having a very simple premise with a villain that is more generic then most of the MCU villains combined, (which is not helped that the MCU has given us some really great villains as of late), the most of the plot seems to be more interested in getting to the next action scene rather then telling a story.

However, these problems are a direct result of the studio apparently demanding that the film not being over 2 hours and the film will likely be better fleshed out when its comes out on Blu-ray and DVD so you really can't blame Snyder or Whedon as they did the best they could with what they got. And truth be told, unlike Suicide Squad or BVS I wasn't at all bored as, again, the characters were great and kept me going until the end.

Overall Justice League is a very entertaining film and I recommend checking out if you get the chance. Sure the plot is a convoluted mess but it's also charming and fun and really, that's all it needs to be. :)

11/18/2017 00:00:00

I think you are unfairly comparing Ray Fisher to Khary Payton\'s iconic performance in the Teen Titans cartoon. While Payton\'s performance was certainly more animated, that\'s because played a Cyborg that had adjusted to his Cyborg body. In contrast, Fisher\'s Cyborg is more shy and subtle because he is uncomfortable around people. The team balance is also different. In the cartoon, he was played bold yet responsible, to balance Robin\'s consummate professionalism and Beast Boy\'s immaturity. Fisher plays a calm rational personality to balance the Flash\'s insecurities and Aquaman\'s confidence.

Steppenwolf isn\'t complicated because the screentime necessary to make him more complex would have to be removed from other characters. Justice League introduces three heroes without any legitimate background information from other movies beyond cameos. So to make space for their character arcs, they wrote a general space alien conqueror archetype. Still, the a Ciaran Hinds does the best he can with the material, and he has some good one liners. \"Everybody tells me [they have a family] and somehow they think I care\".

I\'m curious to know about what you saw was complicated about the movie, because my one complaint was the movie was too straightforward. It pretty much paralleled the first Avengers in terms of plot, with the exception of the revival of Superman, which to me was the best part of the movie.

11/18/2017 00:00:00

Also, they carved thirty minutes out of it with a hacksaw. So maybe a superior Director\'s Cut will show up down the line.

11/18/2017 00:00:00

In regards to the first point, that I am unfairly comparing Fisher to Payton\'s Cyborg, I don\'t think I am but I\'m not foolish enough to think that it might not be a factor here. But for me, most of his lines were so flat and he seemed so disinterested in everything he was doing. Case in point his first scene in the movie where his talking to his father, I get that they were going for a more Tranquil Fury but he maintains the same tone in ever scene his in. In contrast take Khay Payton\'s Cyborg in Teen Titans Origins Episode Go. There Cyborg is a bit more aggressive and cold towards the other characters and while is more open and friendly towards them towards the end his still not completely open with them.

As for the plot being hard to follow yes The Avengers also had a pretty simplistic plot but the reason I found it easier to follow then JL\'s plot was due to it having the advantage of setting up the cosmic cube in Captain America: The First Avenger while the Mother Boxes had to be established and set up in big team up movie. A lot of the conclusions the characters come to threw me for a loop more then once with the best example being how Bruce came to the conclusion as to how the box they had could bring Superman back was kind of hard to fallow and please note that I was able to fallow Cloud Atles with little to no difficulty.

First they\'re talking about how the box made Victor what he is, then Bruce says something about it giving life and how it works with Kryptonian tech on and then says how that can be used to bring Superman back to life and the scene is loaded with a bunch of technobabble, or at least felt like it. I honestly got completely lost in this scene as it felt like we were jumping from A to Delta with a McGuffin that the film expected me to know everything about.

It\'s little moments like this scattered throughout the film that, for me at least, made it hard to fallow. But again, the characters are what kept me going and even in the scene I just mentioned while I didn\'t understand what the characters were talking about in regards to the box I did get the conflict between them and why they were so divided on this. Both sides had a point its just that getting to that point was confusing.

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