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02/08/2021 15:34:49 •••

Had a lot of issues

I ended up quitting in Chapter 6. While the idea is quite amazing, there are huge pacing issues, especially with the whole "Deku needs to use his quirk creatively." Also, the fact these "Creative" uses all seem to make it a very dangerous quirk since it doesn't seem to have any honest limits if he could do these things. The quirk in question is banishment of items up to 10 grams. Pretty good quirk, except instead of sending things away, they just disappear and don't exist any longer. One of the "Creative" uses is that he can banish 10 grams from something else. The only limit is he gets sick after banishing 3 kg in some unspecified period of time.

There's also minor problems with canon that I can't reconcile, such as the Gen Ed class being class C (Which is one of the support classes) and the entrance examination taking place on what's the first day of school for the other classes.

That said, I like one of the departures from canon, in that those who did well on a certain project and went beyond would be allowed to watch the USJ of Class 1-A. I just wish more of the departures were like that.

02/08/2021 00:00:00

One correction of your review: 1-C is a Gen Ed class. It\'s the class Shinso is canonically in.

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