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04/15/2020 17:44:53 •••

Outstanding anime

I only started this series because Hiroyuki Sawano, but I continued for everything else and stayel until the end. Re:Creators won't probably be recorded in history with golden letters, but if something deserves it among the smoking pile of awful quality light novels and animexplotation series of the last years, it's this. Re:Creators is a rare series with a genuinely interesting iteration of a classic plot, a cast of surprisingly well used characters (not perfectly used, but still), a smart genre introspection and a cunning way to extricate its development into its metafictional theme; in summary, exactly what 90% of anime lacks nowadays. Add that to a signifcantly good animation and a soundtrack with some serious jewels and you will have what I believe it is one of the best pieces of anime produced in recent times.

At this point, after reading so many bad reviews (which I strongly believe they are actually not so many as we are being led to believe, but meh) I cannot help but feel like Roger Ebert in Dark City and wonder both what kind of critics have we bred and what exactly they want when they watch an anime series. I suspect many of them only wanted to see fight fight, punch punch, cool battles, baddies driven to the ground and omae wa mou shindeiru, and they got bored with all the existential chatter and media symbolism; or alternately, that they wanted to see played straight all the cliches and tropes Re:Creators tries to play around with; but I don't actually care this time. Strongly recommended.

04/15/2020 00:00:00

Not everybody thinks edginess and Villain Sues are good.

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