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10/03/2017 13:25:18

Hey kids, do you like Hinata Hyuuga? Flagged

The central idea behind the fic is that Hinata is fucking amazing, beyond that, it's that Naruto and Hinata have basically been friends since childhood and have been helping each other grow stronger from a much earlier age than Canon.

Oh and Naruto has the Rinnegan.

Now Naruto might have the most OP Kekkai Genki ever, but that doesn't mean he knows all of its abilities and how to use it. Setting up a big portion of the tension in the stor-Oh I'm sorry, he was left information on exactly what it does and how to learn it from the scrolls left to him by his parents once he receives his estate. A house filled with countless information, weapons, and well everything. Apparently Uzumaki often gain the Rinnegan. How did they get wiped out again? Also, Naruto takes Shino's place with Kiba and Hinata. which also allows Kiba to grow in strength. He gains the ability to explode into fire and launch out flaming dogs of fire to attack people because the Author has seen Hellsing and though Alucard's attacks were awesome. The dogs are even called Baskervilles. Now I'm not saying you CAN'T take things from other sources but that blatantly? Naruto himself favors an english Pirate Cutlass and his main technique with it is the, wait for it, "Wind Scar"

Hellsing AND Inuyasha yoinks. I guess he needs it though. I mean he only has access to serious telekinetic powers. Control over all five elements. Can summon all kinds of kiju animals. Can summon the king of hell. Can rip people's souls out. Can form giant holy shit meteors. Clearly the Author didn't have much to work with as you can tell, and needed to seek outside sources.

But enough about that. Can we focus on what is REALLY important? Hinata Hyuuga. What? You don't know that she's all that? Well don't worry, Naruto will tell you about 10 times a chapter. She can do it all. She's the Batman of Taijutsu, and can bust out Ninjutsu that a Jonin would struggle with. Let me make it clear just how powerful Hinata is. Naruto needs Uzumaki chakra levels, the most powerful Bujuu sealed inside him to draw from, and THE most powerful Kekkei Genki of them all JUST TO KEEP UP WITH HER.

Now because Naruto is off screen "training" his eyeballs we need something to focus on right? Well that's where Jiraiya comes in to train Hinata. He starts her on the Rasengan training and she blows through it in seconds. That's right, The jutsu that Naruto's Father invented gets nearly mastered in minutes by the awesome Hinata Hyuuga. Oh and just to show that Hinata is far, far more intelligent either Minato or Jiraiya she casually turns the Rasengan into a ranged attack by...throwing it. Jiraiya is utterly floored by this. They were just too stupid to think "Just throw it." To continue her dominance Hinata also regularly out eats Naruto in raman eating contests. Something like 60 bowls to 30. Why do I bring this up? Because the fic has to go out of its way to show that Hinata dominantes ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.

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