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10/03/2017 08:43:27 •••

A Short Observation

Of the main trio of the classic Disney shorts (and this is a generalization), kids tend to love Mickey the best, being the most light-hearted and innocent. Teenagers may find themselves gravitating toward Donald Duck, with his volcanic rage and slapstick humor. But you know that you've finally become an adult when Goofy becomes your favorite; you need to be old enough to truly appreciate his cartoons.

10/02/2017 00:00:00

Goofy is arguably the most surprisingly depthful of the lot across many projects, helped largely by Goof Troop and its two movies, despite his Kindhearted Simpleton persona still keeping his character very streamlined and approachable.

Goofy's tenure through the actual classic shorts was a bit of a let down, since by the 50s he was rendered pretty much an interchangeable character for the mockumentaries. Granted Mickey and Donald didn't really come out a great deal better anyway.

10/03/2017 00:00:00

I may be an exception but I was the inverse of this: I hated Mickey Mouse, liked Donald Duck and loved Goofy. Age has only reinforced this.

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