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09/24/2017 09:28:12 •••

Pure garbage

Eastenders is a pointless, miserable and repetitive show with nothing going for it. I've you've seen one episode, you've seen the whole series. Every episode deals with the characters arguing about something, fighting, doing drugs, getting drunk, being assholes and even committing murder. It all gets so tiresome so quickly that it's a wonder anyone even watches this trash. The characters themselves are incredibly unlikable, bland and annoying. As I mentioned previously, all they do is argue, fight, act like jerkasses, ect. And it's really hard to care about them. The only good thing about the series I can think of are the hilariously bad arguments and bad fights because of how unintentionally funny they are, but other than that, there's nothing good about this series. I wonder when this show will get cancelled, it's been going for so long and I think it's about time they just end it already.

09/24/2017 00:00:00


Are you more of a Coronation Street person or is it just all soaps? Either is understandable.

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