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08/25/2019 15:58:58 •••

Lots of ichiruki, but good fanfic!

I've read this fic before and it's exactly as this recommendation says, it's also extremely ichiruki!!! so be warned if your not into that pairing!! and also it's a good fic, it's just RUINED by Ichiruki,there's so much of it that you would have to be an ichiruki fan to read this and like it, it's basically a pairing fic,the pairing just gets worst to the point I just can't read it any more, every ounce of ichiruki in me just died because of this fic, I didn't like the pairing that much to begin with, but now I hate the pairing. I went on this and thought it was gonna be ALOT less ichiruki, but I was wrong.

08/25/2019 00:00:00

Of all the problems with this fic, and it\'s the ship that bothers you? For me that\'s one of the least offensive things about it.

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