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09/17/2017 23:38:48 •••

He was good once...

Long ago, there was a time when Mr. Enter could easily be considered one of the smartest, most perseverant, most articulate, and overall the most eye-opening reviewer on Youtube. It was easy to tell he did his research and tried to remain unbiased in both his admirable animations and animated atrocities, to the point where he was for a short time the only reason I came back to Youtube.

That was a long time ago.

It started slowly; sure, there were times I disagreed with some of his opinions, sure. No one will 100% mimic your likes and dislikes, but as his "reviews" went on, I began to notice things...his attention to detail began to give way to a gross interpretation of Poe's Law, he began to review multiple episodes from the same crappy series', mainly Spongebob and Teen Titans Go! and always had the same bad things to say about them, and worst of all his "this is my opinion" tone gave way to "my word is law" kind of tone, as if things were bad solely because he said they were bad. And then...he started looking at whiny, self-congratulatory "poems" written by some hack who clearly didn't get beaten enough in school, and worse still started emphasizing his own horrible time in school—as if he was the only one who had it rough.

Now, he's a whiny, self-absorbed, over-emotional jackass using his mental condition (I have Asperger's too) as an excuse. While he has over 100 Animated Atrocities, he has less than 40 Admirable Animations at the time of this review. Worst of all, his so-called fan-fics, and "Growing Around", a self-financed animation he's trying to get off the ground...just plain suck, and more than suck, incorporate so many themes he's claimed multiple times to hate (gross-out humor, disconnect from the times, poor pacing) it makes me wonder if he even takes himself seriously anymore. Don't point those flaws out, though, or you'll see him REALLY lash out, and maybe hear about how much he hates college, to boot.

Sorry, Mr. Enter. Unsubscribe.

07/25/2017 00:00:00

I\'m not so sure he was ever as good as you thought he was. For one thing, he made a name for himself off of Animated Atrocity reviews of Spongebob and Fairly Odd Parents, but even those all had one persistent flaw. There\'s a weird Show, Don\'t Tell effect going on. As much as it seemed like was \"just saying what everyone else is thinking,\" it actually does far better to watch the episode if one wants to see why it\'s truly bad.

09/17/2017 00:00:00

\"who clearly didn\'t get beaten enough in school\"

Wow. You\'re a horrible person.

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