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01/05/2020 17:49:06 •••

One of the best animated works of all time

I'm not lying when I say that. You can say "IT'S A BABY SHOW" all you want, but I truly consider Ready Jet Go! to be a true animated masterpiece. I first discovered the show in January of 2016, and I wrote it off as a dumb baby show that is probably gonna get Adored by the Network just from the advertisement, and I forgot about it. 2 or 3 months later, I came home from school and WTVI PBS Charlotte was on, and they were showing Ready Jet Go!.

The episode was Sounds Abound. In it, Sean was working a science project, but needed peace and quiet. Something about the show instantly appealed to me. The way the characters played off each other was flawless. The music was quirky. The curriculum about how sound travels was perfect for an episode like this. And the moral at the end about working together was much needed.

So I decided to watch every episode everyday before I got on the school bus, and when I came home from school. I saw the first 19 episodes/the first 38 11-minute segments. I enjoyed it more and more. When I found out it was getting a full week of new episodes back in August 2016, and I watched all of them, I considered myself to have officially become a fan of the show.

  • Unlike other modern preschool shows, the writing isn't pandering. This show is for ages 3-8, but it has writing that can easily appeal to teenagers like me. To wit:
    Jet: Uh but dad some apples are green
    Carrot: Eh, everyone's a critic
  • The animation is gorgeous. It looks like trash in the first episodes, but it eventually gets way better. Compare this animation with this animation and you'll notice the vast improvement in quality. I call it pseudo-Pixar quality. Gotta love that vibrancy, and the color palette!
  • Thanks to the geniuses known as Craig Bartlett, Rachel Lipman, and Joe Purdy, the characters work off each other very well. They were made for each other. Almost all of them are lovable and fleshed out. Especially my top 3 faves: Sean, Mindy, and Mitchell. Sean is adorkable, Mindy is cute and sassy, and Mitchell seems like a generic jerk character at first but he gets Character Development
  • Every single song, composed by Jim Lang, is an Ear Worm, but thats a good thing because of how well done they are. Great vocals, lyrics, and instrumentation. The best song in the show is Tiny Blue Dot, a song about how precious Earth is.
Of course, the voice acting is great, and the show weave educational science content in flawlessly, but these are the main things I love about Ready Jet Go!. I 100% recommend everyone to check it out. You will be pleasantly surprised.


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