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03/01/2018 23:10:18 •••

A show about mental illness

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a sane show about mental illness.

I confess to not understanding the previous review. It ignores the crucial Season 1 episodes 9-11, in which the show very much explored 'the sadder aspects of Becky's life' (incidentally, nobody in the show calls the main character Becky, so I don't know where that came from.) The nadir of her self-esteem is the Episode 11 song 'You Stupid Bitch', one of the most self-lacerating moments in TV comedy.

There is a difference between seeing a show from a character's POV, and being invited to sympathise with that character. Rebecca is the main character in season 1, but we aren't meant to agree with her, as becomes more and more evident in season 2, where her selfishness and self-delusion are more evident because we see them more from outside. (This was evident as late as S1 E14's 'I'm the Villain In My Own Story', but being Rebecca, she ignored her own epiphany.)

I suspect that one of the reasons why people do not admire the show as much as it deserves to be admired is that it has a female protagonist, and that that therefore means that it's automatically about more silly and trivial things than a show with a male protagonist. As the show goes on, however, it becomes increasingly clear that it's a show about a main character who wrongly thinks that she is in a romantic comedy. 'Breezy comedy', it is not.

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Naomi: \"People ask me, \'How is little Becky? Is she still a big-shot lawyer?\'\" (Naomi also calls her \"Becca\" on occasion.) Rebecca: (to self) \"Clench, Becky, clench!\"

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