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01/04/2017 17:22:07 •••

Couple rough spots on a great work

I came into the theater with high expectations. In fact, it was the trailer for this film that got me interested in the game series enough to purchase the first one. I was not disappointed.

The film does a sufficient job of providing background/setting information on stuff like the Assassin vs Templar war and how the Animus works. A working understanding of the games is helpful but one could say that about any adaption.

The visuals are amazing. The re-designed Animus looks cool and functions like some kind of Augmented Reality thing. The 1492 Assassin scenes are thrilling whether there's fighting or free-running. Callum's Bleeding Effect hallucinations are creepy. Then there's the eagle panning shoots which are always appreciated.

Considering that the film is based on a game series that basically has two plotlines (past and present) it does a good job developing both. There could have been more on the past side of things but the reason for the brevity is accounted for in-universe and I feel it is sufficient. Although developing the full cast of both plotlines is a harder lift.

Callum and Sophia are the most fleshed out, as is proper for the two leads. The former is a complex guy and the later has an intriguing mix of Templar and Assassin ideology.

As far as I can tell from what I have read about the games and related media, this film is extraordinarily faithful to its source material. It is also canon to the game series (it may even count as a wham episode) so I recommend it to fans of the games. Non-fans will still appreciate its aspects like the historical figures and the visuals etc. but I really think this movie was made with the game series fans in mind.

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