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12/03/2016 01:33:49 •••

Why?. Just WHY?

Quantum physics states that anything can pop out of the vacuum if one waits enough kazillion years and is compensated with its opposite to preserve conservation of energy. Sadly, this appeared much earlier than physics would have suggested and the So Cool, It's Awesome thing that would have compensated its So Bad, It's Good... f*** So Bad, It's Horrible is nowhere to be seen -I cannot believe the SWHS was produced by human beings and prefer to think instead it was a cruel joke of the Universe on us-.

Anyway, the idea was good. Its execution... well. The scene of the old wookie (don't care how is called) masturbating with a VR hairdryer must be the crowning moment of shameness -I facepalmed several times watching it-, and is followed not very far away by the final part with the wookies dressed with red tunics entering into a star, the female wookie following that cooking show, and farther away the stupid death of that poor stormtrooper who must have had a family who cared of him (yes, Rooting for the Empire. Any problem?). Most of the remainder is background noise barely soportable at best.

The crappy special effects of the SWHS do not help either -as well as, as much Used Future Star Wars is, to see so much 70s-look technology there- and as other have stated before the only redeemable part are the Boba Fett cartoon, as cheesy as the animation may be, and the canteen scene.

I'd not be surprised at all if this thing had been used for the torture of prisoners at Guantanamo. It fries neurons very fast. (PS: Damn you, I cannot remove some of the worst scenes of my mind. Where's the Brain Bleach?)

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