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08/22/2019 17:22:32 •••

This Movie is...Weird

The idea seemed like a charming kid's movie, but I'm not quite sure about the execution. There were a lot of odd moments, especially during the songs. Jack's decisions also seem weird at times; why is he so unconcerned with possibly dying, at least early on? Why does he stay at school when Madeline doesn't want him to go and Miss Acacia isn't even there? And he seems like an idiot for not realizing that, after all the hints of her recognizing him, HE'S the boy whom Miss Acacia is in love with.

Basically, if you like things that are surreal and run mostly on emotions, then I think that you would really like this movie. But it doesn't really make SENSE, so if you're nitpicky about plot and character issues, you might want to try something else.

08/22/2019 00:00:00

This movie is not for kids. It\'s for teenagers. This movie has really creepy moments for young children and often gets past the radar (it\'s French so it makes sense). Acacia\'s boobs turn into ice cream during \"Flames with Glasses\" and in that song Jack mentions wanting to strip Acacia, molest her and wanting to have sex with her. Acacia catches him sneaking into her dressing room/gypsy caravan and the vines grow on her, she is clearly wondering why he is stalking her. Not to mention the whole fact that she works at a freakshow.

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