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03/23/2016 19:13:21 •••

Unintentionally Fun but Still Flawed

I heard a little about this notorious film while browsing the Ink-Stain Adaptation page, so when it came on Encore channel recently, I decided to watch it myself. And like Pixels, I ended up enjoying it more than I thought. Sure, it's bad, but it does have it's fun moments.


  • Arnold's portrayal as Mr. Freeze is hands down the best character in the film. He manages to combine the campiness of the Silver Age while still portraying him as the tragic Anti-Villain we know and does it in a way that makes him incredibly fun to watch, even with his constant ice puns.
  • Likewise, Uma Thurman does a good job as Poison Ivy, managing to nail the character's seductive personality.
  • The subplot involving Alfred dying helps give the film some surprisingly emotional depth and helps flesh Alfred out more. It helps that Alfred's actor does a pretty good job with him.
  • The music is fun to listen to, especially the music that plays during Ivy's dance.


  • Being a movie that was made in the 90's, the fight scenes aren't that good.
  • George Clooney doesn't really do a good job as Batman. There's no real emotion in his performance and it feels like he's just going through the motions. Also, the subplot of him learning to trust people is pretty moot as he doesn't seem to learn his lesson.
  • Robin in this film is nothing but a whiny brat. Sure, he has a point about Batman's trust issues, but it doesn't excuse him being an obnoxious asshole.
  • Having Batgirl in this film? Okay. Making her Alfred's niece? No, no, no, and NO! It's Barbara Gordon, not Barbara Pennysworth!
  • Bane's portrayal is the worst aspect of the film. Listen Joel, I don't give a flying fuck how So Bad, It's Good your film is, you do not, repeat, DO NOT get to turn my favorite Batman villain into a mindless brute! You wanna make him Ivy's dragon? Fine. But you could've easily done so without butchering his character. Thank God Rises undid that stain on his character.

Overall, it's not the worst superhero film I've seen, but hardly the best. That said, it's still fun... In a Narm Charm kind of way.

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