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12/24/2017 07:53:13 •••

The Love God Review

I know this episode was created in 2014 but I have been wanting to review it for a while.

The Love God is about Mabel becoming a matchmaker for Robbie after finding him in a cemetery expressing his despair of Wendy dumping him. Mabel offers to help him by finding a potential girlfriend but when her plan fails, she resorts to using love potion after stealing it from The Love God which causes negative social consequences that she has to repair.

This isn't exactly the worst episode in the series nor is it the best episode in the series. It could of been better if the villain was more competant with his role and they could of used better humour in the first half of the episode.

For the creature of the month we have Love God who is a cherub and is a musician who is part of a concert in the town but is robbed by Mabel who takes two of his potions to use on Robbie and Tambry. In retaliation Love God tries to take the potions back by using various other potions.

I know that this may be an unpopular opinion but I actually like The Love God character because he gave the rarely spoken moral that the lives of others Shouldn't be manipulated, I like his powers and he has a few funny lines or moments in the episode.

Another reason for why I like the character is that he is the first genuine anti villain who has justified reasons for going against the twins. Unlike Blendin who was just a vengeful victim of the twins but Love God could of been better if he had Love manipulation as a power rather than using a love potion to do his job as well as being more competant.

The plot of the episode is like a modern day version of A Midsummer Nights Dream but with an alternate ending. The episode itself could of been better by having a better reason for conflict because the conflict was caused by the friends feeling jealous and betrayed.

It would of been better if the conflict reason was that Tambry already had a boyfriend or girlfriend (if she's bisexual) so they have to convince the boyfriend or girlfriend to leave Tambry while also trying to escape from Love God. Another idea is that the potion could have dangerous side effects due to Mabel misusing the power instead of the groups jealousy and envy towards the pair.

Overall this Isn't the best or worst episode, its just an ok episode. You wouldn't lose sleep over it if you missed it.

12/24/2017 00:00:00

For the love of God, don\'t write \"could of\", it\'s \"could have\"; it\'s physically painful to read, and I\'m a non-native speaker. Also, you should spellcheck a little bit before posting.

Other than that, decent review. Brought some new thoughts to the table.

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