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12/13/2020 18:44:33 •••

Getting on now aren't we?

8 seasons of this show and no signs of stopping. Isn't it kinda overdone? Haven't the Winx gotten their strongest forms in season 3? How many more forms are there going to be? Even Goku had only 4 at his strongest.

Wouldn't a next generation of Winx Club be more appropriate? Like new students taking over the club perhaps?

02/05/2020 00:00:00

The show has only continued because of the fandom\'s pleas. In other words, Winx Club has continued for no other reason than being a cash cow since season 4. The writers have gone so far as to rewrite already established history of the show. That\'s how you know they don\'t care for its quality. The creator claims the storylines couldn\'t be complex (as if they ever were) because of the child audience, yet somehow, romantic drama and jealousy plots are child-friendly. Right...

Yes, it is overdone, but the show is essentially a cash cow zombie now. That said, I doubt there will be a season nine. The show has been more cookie cutter since season 6 (when you could easily tell they were copycatting), maybe earlier. If they have to try that hard to appeal to kids, I can\'t imagine the show has much more of a future as it\'s going now.

12/13/2020 00:00:00

It wasn\'t so much the fandom\'s pleas as it was Executive Meddling from Nickelodeon.

12/13/2020 00:00:00

Oh, and the creator trying to ruin his own passion project.

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