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12/21/2018 07:10:28 •••

Arthur's (Im)Perfect Christmas

Now, don't go confusing that with Arthur's Imp Perfect Christmas, my hypothetical Arthur-Game of Thrones crossover Christmas special. But oh man, that thing is a doozy...! Let's just say that Derpnaerys Snoregaryen dies a highly embarassing death by waterbed about five minutes into it, and it only gets better from there. I mean, Stannis Baratheon, the Rightful King of Christmas, singing "Sleigh Ride" as a duet with Karen Carpenter, anyone? Ahhh, good times...

...Oh yeah, well, anyway. Arthur's Perfect Christmas carries its imperfections on its sleeve, and is all the better for it. It plays like an extended episode of the show, really. It's got a good main message about how "the perfect Christmas" tends to happen no matter what kind of complications and/or wacky hijinx try to derail your "ideal" celebration, just as long as you get to celebrate it with the people you love. That's an anvil what can't be dropped too often, (god rest ye, merry) gentlemen.

The subplots include Muffy acting a bit of a selfish cunt (No, really?!?) about Francine's iron-clad decision to forego Muffy's lavish, overblown "I'm the princess of Christmas! Grovel before my surgically removed buck teeth!" Christmas party to celebrate Chanukah with her family. There's even some stuff about Brain celebrating Kwanzaa and George engaging in traditional Swedish festitivies, too! That's about 100% more multiculturalism than you'd expect from your average animated Christmas special.

The special's most effective moment is Buster's plotline, in which he foregoes the usual Christmas festivities (which is stressing both him and his hot mom out) so they can just do whatever they want to, the two of 'em. Tears of heartwarming Christmas goodness were shed. Ever since I was a kid, I always wanted my mum to have a "Baxter Day" Christmas. One of these years, maybe.

Big ups to Binky for providing the best laughs in the form of his Cordon Bleugh Chef running gag! This special isn't anything exceptional, but it is pure Arthur. And better yet, it spawned an album of the same name that's made its way into the merry company of my Christmas playlist. My girl Fern embracing her inner Joan Jett for her version of "Silent Night"... Oh yeahhhhhh.

May your days be schmerfect, and may all your Christmases be imperfectly perfect.

12/23/2015 00:00:00

Sooo...did you like the special or not? I'd say you did, but this review is so cynical it's hard to tell.

12/21/2018 00:00:00

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