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11/24/2015 02:53:27 •••

Started Off Great, Went Downhill Fast

So I only have 400 words, so I'll try to review all 6 seasons of the show. The first season is Total Drama Island, which I personally loved. It was very lighthearted and matched the summer camp theme very well. The high contestant count gave way for a lot of different plots, especially with the devious and unpredictable Heather, who I also loved. Heather's karma in the end was also very satisfying, especially seeing who delivers it to her. Overall I would give this season an 8/10.

Total Drama Action is highly underrated, but isn't that amazing anyway. The gimmick seemed half-hearted, but the choice of characters was good. Worth watching, since it gets better later on after they finish the overdone Trent and Gwen plot. They even gave a lot of attention to my favorite character, Lindsay. 7/10.

Season 3, Total Drama World Tour, in my opinion was the best season so far. It had several gimmicks, like the world travel, original challenges, two new characters, and my favorite: the songs. They're all really catchy. I personally liked Heather as a villain more than Alejandro, mostly because of the biggest problem: In Episode 1 of the show, Ezekiel was voted off for sexist comments, but Alejandro spends the entire season getting by through womanizing several contestants. Sierra turned out to be better than I expected. Cody and Noah were also great additions to the season. 9/10.

Total Drama Revenge of the Island seemed poorly planned. It was shorter than the other seasons, that were usually around 25 episodes, while Rot I was about 14 episodes. Unfortunately, characters with a lot of potential like B and Dawn were voted off early, and the character we weren't supposed to like, the villain Scott, was one of the more likable people later on. Zoey's development was boring and Lightning was a terrible bully. I loved Cameron's ending. 5/10

Total Drama All-Stars was by far the worst season of Total Drama ever. Mal was the worst villain ever, and his anti-climactic ending was the worst ending ever. There was too much Character Derailment and bad planning. I completely ignored this season. It's like the Dragon Ball GT of TD. 2/10.

Pahkitew Island was a major improvement in the second part. The characters were all fun and interesting and Scarlett made for a great villain. I could say more, but there's a word limit. The season was genuinely good. 7/10.

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