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10/27/2017 03:54:10 •••

Definitely rent, DON'T BUY

It's simply not worth it. The Last of Us is a game that offers little for it's hype and expectations in the gameplay department. It's not worth having a physical or digital copy of a game you can fully enjoy just ONCE.

For all that "Citizen Kane of gaming" pretentious bullshit said about it, the game is fairly average in the realm of gameplay.

It's a third person shooter with stealth. You fight or stealth your way through, and you manage some resources to keep moving and then repeat the process. Well executed but below the level of AI that was promised originally.

Oh, and there's the occasional interactive element in the environment.

And I have to say this:

The appeal of this game is the story and characters. It's what they marketed so proudly. However, due the lousy execution of the completely standard and not outstanding at all format of "playable segment followed by cutscenes/scripted events" the game loses weight as a narrative piece that uses it's medium to it's advantage. Games that do this do it to justify the actions happening on screen any give the player motivation, but narratively speaking they don't offer a damn thing that couldn't be experienced in other mediums.

Frankly this game could be a fucking book and don't lose a thing when it comes to the story, as it overall it isn't that different from friggin The Legend of Zelda in narrative uses of interactive elements inherent to the gaming world. It doesn't prove that video games can be a narrative gem like lots of it's fans and fan dumb claim, it just proves decent writers can make the script of a video game.

And that is it's biggest gripe. The Last of Us' strongest point and most advertised aspect is something a goddamn let's play could get across. It doesn't involve an experience tied to the personal progress of the player in interactions he can't fully control like Journey. It doesn't tell or leave things through interpretation in the atmosphere as Limbo does. It doesn't let you build the world's lore like Metroid Prime or plenty horrors game do. It doesn't let you choose the outcome of the story like Infamous or other RP Gs would. Is just a nicely written story(and YMMV on that) in the average game package.

So no, it isn't a bad game objectively speaking. But you can get everything out of it in a weekend, so better to do that.

12/21/2015 00:00:00

"It's not worth having a physical or digital copy of a game you can fully enjoy just ONCE."

I've personally played through the game six or some times and I'm still looking forward to my next playthrough.

Opinions are weird like that.

12/22/2015 00:00:00

This review pretty much states my opinion on the game as well. I played it, beat it, lost interest. Bought the campaign DLC, played that, beat that, lost interest.

It's no Life is Strange or Deadly Premonition, both of which blend gameplay and storytelling together better, and in completely different ways.

04/18/2017 00:00:00

"Life is Strange is better than The Last of Us"... I need so much therapy after reading that.

04/18/2017 00:00:00

^ I can\'t believe you said \"opinions are weird like that\" yet you can\'t accept someone\'s opinion when it differs from yours. Hypocrite much?

10/14/2017 00:00:00

You\'re right, that was hypocritical of me. I just... could not believe I was reading that.

10/27/2017 00:00:00

\"It\'s no Life is Strange\"... fair enough if you personally like LIS over Last of Us, but wording it like a fact sounds incredibly obnoxious. I think there\'s a reason Last of Us, while it has its detractors (every great thing do) is still lauded as perhaps the greatest game ever made, while Life is Strange is more a \'niche\' type of game. Besides, there\'s like no similarities between the two games, so not sure where that comparison came from in the first place.

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