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10/25/2015 11:08:57 •••

It sounds like crackfic, but it's so much more.

WARNING: some spoilers.

"Sean Bean Saves Westeros" is exactly that: Sean Bean severely ameliorates the War of the Five Kings, meaning that the common people aren't going to suffer the far-ranging atrocities of the canon conflict. The Starks are vital and powerful supporters to King Stannis. King Justin Bieber—I mean Joffrey—is very definitely dead, And There Was Much Rejoicing. Roose Bolton is "Ned"'s most loyal lieutenant. Robb is Happily Married. Sean is working on modernizing Westeros's economy and society.

Not everything's good, though. Renly, Stannis's arrogant usurper brother, is preparing a giant army to attack King's Landing. Balon Greyjoy is preparing to attack the North because he's stupid. Melisandre is up to something. Oh, yeah, and there's an army of ice zombies getting ready to kill everybody.

This fic is Pure Awesomeness, and manages to be Better Than Canon, optimistic enough to appeal to those who don't like ASOIAF's grimdark and Deconstruction of fantasy tropes, while still being realistic enough (multiple major character deaths, including fan favorites like Tyrion Lannister, Sean losing his hand, and Joffrey having Sansa brutally beaten, scarred, and tortured.

Read it. Read the hell out of it. If you've read the original books and like the Starks, this fic is everything you love while still being gripping (with completely unexpected plot twists), terrifying (Roose is hanging out with Qyburn!), and making you cheer (that moment when Sandor kills Littlefinger...).

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