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05/31/2019 03:03:10 •••

Code Monkeys Season 1: Worse than Allen Gregory?

In my review for Allen Gregory, I referred to it as the worst cartoon I'd ever seen. Code Monkeys may actually be worse.

To the show's credit, the animation is inventive. I only pity the animators who worked on this show, for their charming art direction to be ruined by Adam de la Peņa's abysmal writing.

The show follows the antics of the employees of a fictional gaming company, circa the 1980s. The central duo are Straight Man Jerry and wacky stoner douchebag Dave (aka the cast of every gaming webcomic ever), creepy fat loser Todd, feminist Mary, Black Steve (who's black), their crazy redneck boss Larrity, his idiot son Dean, Camp Gay possibly literal fairy Clarence, and Clare, who, uh... what was her personality? Slut, I guess? I don't know.

All the characters have one-note personalities with little of interest about them. The plots tend to be meandering and lack any sense of pacing or structure.

Looking up IMDB, the only voice actor who actually seems to be an actual professional VA with any resume of note is that guy who plays Todd. Worse yet are some of the guest stars, such as Steve Wozniak or Gary Gygax, who make cameos as themselves and remind us that these people are famous for things that aren't acting.

Gags are rarely funny. The only moment I found remotely funny involved a bit where Larrity and Dean go to Larrity's vault, which is full of money and one of Larrity's taxidermy'd wives. Other jokes are often pointless, such as when John Romero shows up to pitch Doom or when David Jaffe shows up to pitch God of War. There's another episode in which Dave, apropos of literally nothing, randomly pitches The Sixth Sense to someone standing in line for a movie.

In addition to already being not funny with its jokes as is, the show feels the need to be [adult swim] edgy, often in the form of crass jokes that still aren't funny. Also, Dave takes his pants off in almost every episode.

The only thing in it with any sense of craft is Jonathan Coulton's theme song. All in all, the whole thing just feels like somebody's crappy gaming Youtube series.

10/22/2015 00:00:00

I remember seeing an ad for this show. It said "By the creator of _____, and the creator of ____," and my brother said "I'd never heard of those things before."

We knew it would be crap. I watched an episode. It was crap.

Really, at a time when, reasonable internet speed and lack of data caps permitting, internet video can compete with TV, the only reason to put something on TV is to raise its profile and get a bigger audience. This did not deserve to be on TV. Its audience is so limited that showing it to more people won't make them like it. This show really did feel like a YouTube series.

05/31/2019 00:00:00

oh come on it\'s not that bad

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