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10/09/2017 05:56:36 •••

Great at first, but rapidly getting old.

I Hate Everything, or Alex Bolton, can mainly be described as the British version of Canadian comedian Adam Buckley. Like Buckley, Alex is cynical, sardonic and harsh, and both of them love to tear apart aspects of popular culture. However, there's an unfortunate difference between the two. Whereas Buckley's work includes many still very funny videos and took quite a while to go downhill, Alex is running dry of ideas much quicker, and while his I Hate Everything channel contains a lot of content, a rather large chunk of it is lousy, disposable and, worst of all, not funny.

First, I'll congratulate Alex for having the guts to express his dislike of so many different trends, websites and fandoms. Alex knows the exact things wrong with the modern age. He's aware of how humans are getting stupider by the day and how popular culture is getting increasingly shallow and worthless. Like Buckley, Alex is outspoken and acerbic, and a lot of his earlier videos are actually really interesting, funny and raise a lot of good points about the modern world.

So, what's the problem I have with Alex's content, and why is his channel not really worth checking out anymore? To put it simply, a huge amount of repetition. At first, IHE was able to present a pretty decent range of enjoyable material, but now, he merely makes the same videos over and over. His main "I hate" videos are getting predictable. His "Comment Comebacks" are now tedious, with very few original jokes left to be made about the dumb comments on his videos. His "Search For The Worst" has become a snore-fest as he continues to blandly nitpick bad movies, with little to say about them (his "Trying To Watch" side-series is even blander). Even his voice has become repetitive, and has over time changed in a really bad way. In his early videos, his voice was subtle, snarky and straightforward, imbued with cunning and confidence. Now, he sounds perpetually grouchy, arrogant and depressed. Combine his current voice with his monotonous, constantly-recycled recent content, and you've got a YouTube channel that is pretty difficult for me to recommend.

Alex Bolton had the potential to go far. But by sacrificing the fundamental components that made his early videos great and replacing them with empty, apathetic misery, his videos have become tiresome, unrewarding, and a burden to endure.

10/12/2015 00:00:00

All people who complain about "those young folks today!" Will always get old, because all they can do is chastise others for not liking the shit they didn't realize sucked when they were younger, like people who talk up nineties cartoons.

10/20/2015 00:00:00

What suggestions would you make for him to improve?

11/11/2015 00:00:00

OK, three things:

1. His fans are idiots. His comment sections are full of so much painful meme cancer.

2. He's recently had to suspend his "Search For The Worst" series, because a filmmaker got one of his reviews deleted because it breaks copyright (it doesn't, but YouTube thinks it does), and YouTube banned him from further film reviews.

3. How he can improve? Well, he could simply make less whiny, less miserable videos. Go back to his old style. More short and sweet videos rather than lengthy, boring depressed chatter. Straightforward, confident opinion-based videos. I'm saying he has to be cheery, he's okay being cynical, that's why I liked his earlier work. I think however, that he prefers his new style, so he ain't changing, and I don't think it's really worth it. To be fair guys, I'm just sick of almost all of YouTube.

10/03/2017 00:00:00

All people who complain about "those young folks today!" Will always get old, because all they can do is chastise others for not liking the shit they didn't realize sucked when they were younger, like people who talk up nineties cartoons.

Yep, pretty much. "Everything new and trendy is bad and I don't like it."

10/08/2017 00:00:00

I agree to a fair bit of this review, but not to such a harsh degree. This review is a couple years old, and I feel like IHE might have gone through something of a renaissance with the Cool Cat debacle? That, or the problems have been further exacerbated with the pace of his uploads slowing due to stress and the videos he still puts out maybe not meeting the same benchmark of quality as his earlier titles. I dunno, I jumped in around 2016.

As of late, his videos have been hit or miss. I don't mind Search for the Worst, though your description of it as a bland, nitpicky series has some merit to it. I started to get a bit bummed out around his Suicide Squad Sft W, because I was used to these obscure older movies getting trashed - I'm not a big fan of DC's movies, but honestly Suicide Squad was better than Bv S and it felt a bit off-putting listening to the constant harping on about the Whiplash guy or whatever, and what happened to him (had to edit this line, for some reason the spoiler tags didn't work). It wasn't a great film, but I genuinely think Bv S deserved the spot more - even if Suicide Squad had more erratic, cringy bad moments compared to Bv S' banality.

From there, I wasn't hot on his video about the animated movie Sing and fidget spinners - the one about fidget spinners was a cool experiment but it was a bit boring and I disagree that Sing was bad and lazy because it didn't go the same route as Zootopia and justify its world's inhabitants being animals through social commentary. I think I've liked the rest of his output lately to some degree, though - my only gripe is how long it takes for each video to come out, but I can excuse it because he's mentioned the schedule change and the reasons behind it.

I don't know if you feel the same in 2017 as you did in 2015, but I think - Schedule Slip and all - that IHE is one of the better content creators on youtube at the moment. At least as far as big channels go. Even when he hates something, he calmly explains why or offers persuasive arguments as to why he feels justified in holding such an opinion. He's a step above Boogie, or an otherwise angry, negative person, even at his worst - because there's a calm attempt to explain where he's coming from. He has angry videos like "I Hate the No Judge Challenge", but a lot of his more angry content like that is kinda justified by the subject matter - being incensed at a bunch of vapid, shallow people exploiting a potentially good cause to make themselves look good and seek attention is a step above bitching about the Nintendo Switch in a vehement rage. Honestly I avoided the channel for like a year because I was expecting a crazy, wacky negative guy who just scream-shouts about everything they hate.

As far as Buckley is concerned, I stopped watching him years ago for the same reasons you seem to have stopped watching IHE. He used to have more of a tongue-in-cheek tone, with a personal favorite of mine being about obese children and bad parents taking his right to eat Count Chocula away - somewhere along the way, it sounds like he began to believe his own bullshit in the worst possible way, and the tone of his voice became more serious, like he was trying to preach a social cause. His videos seemed to lose a sense of nuance. Considering the political subjects of his videos nowadays, I doubt I'll ever go back to his stuff. Funnily enough, IHE actually did a collab with A Dose of Buckley - I think it was in the video "I Hate Collaboration Videos".

In closing - I actually enjoy IHE's stuff quite a lot. I think it's really good content for a larger Youtube channel nowadays - I've been frequenting smaller channels like Austin Mc Connell and Fredrik Knudsen, with more varied and interesting subject matter, but I genuinely love IHE's subversion of the Angry Shit-Talker stereotype that I took him for with the channel's name and capitalised video titles. He's aight - whether you agree or not two years later is up to you, and it's cool either way, but that's how I feel.

10/08/2017 00:00:00

Why is it that when somebody on the internet mindlessly loves something, they get critiqued for being a rabid fanboy or fangirl, but when somebody mindlessly hates something, they get praised to high heavens?

10/08/2017 00:00:00

^ Other than hating on something is \"cool on the Internet\", not a clue.

10/09/2017 00:00:00

Everyone on the internet fancies themselves to be a Deadpan Snarker.

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