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08/18/2015 07:49:14 •••

Lost interest at the Chimera Ant arc

Make no mistake, this is a good anime (the 2011 version, because I haven't seen the 1999 one or read the manga), maybe even a great anime. It's just not for everyone.

It's an unusual shounen as it features fights that put more emphasis on strategy and tactics than sheer power output (though that's a factor as well), some truly terrific character development and relationships and a deconstruction of the typical shounen idiot hero.

However, I couldn't get past the Chimera Ant arc. It's not a bad arc by any means, it just severly depressed me to a point where I didn't want to read anymore. It wasn't because of the character deaths, I have no problem with characters dying, not even main characters, as long as they get a worthy end. It was more the fact that it felt like some characters slid back on their development and had to re-learn their lessons and/or regain confidence regarding things that in my opinion should already be mostly if not completely resolved. The series also makes a habit of separating the main characters for long amounts of time and when they finally did so with Killua and Gon as well (in my opinion one of the greatest friendships in all of anime) I just lost the will to keep watching.

In conclusion, I like the first four arcs (the Hunter Exam, Heaven's Arena, the Phantom Troupe and Greed Island) but beyond that I lost interest.

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