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06/11/2015 02:34:20 •••

The living manga

Through this marvelous fantasy manga Yoshihiro Togashi depicts the most beautiful feelings humans could ever have. Hunter X Hunter is a manga that melts your heart to your very core like no other manga. Some might argue the unconventionality of its content, yet millions of people will atest to the genius with which it was made. Friendship, courage, challenge, love and respect are all shown in this manga in a unique story of a boy looking for adventures one after the other in the search of knowledge and experience. The feeling of freedom bursting out of Hunter X Hunter captures all readers (or viewers) into a cycle of boundless explorations of the various genre possible. Surely this manga cannot be classified , not only because of the emotions depicted but also the wide variety of genre explored. Truly the opposition of a classic fantasy background with an unorthodox story, which we have yet to finish exploring, is the revealing point of what this manga truly is : a living manga. This is the most humanist work of art our golden age of manga will ever incounter. No reviews will ever ,in the history of men , do this manga enough justice for its pure genius.

06/11/2015 00:00:00

Wait so I haven't been paying attention to HxH-related news for a while. Did it become a religion at some point?

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