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05/26/2015 22:11:58 •••


I personally enjoyed the whole game but there were a few things I disliked about the game. First off, I was taken aback by the amount of implications I didn't see, such as River's condition causing her to not tell Johnny directly about their shared memory that Johnny forgot, or the whole "Even if you're not with me, we're still here" thing with the carnival". It personally left me in the dust (I haven't even mentioned the incorrect Animorphs answer given in the library)

Another thing I had issues with is that, at first, I thought it was pretty story-oriented, but then I started seeing people complain about the lack of player interaction and then I realized, is a video game really the best medium? I know there were some limitations (and that it's an indie game) but I really get the feeling making it on a program literally called "RPG Maker" wasn't a first choice. It is for this is why I do not believe that the game is perfect (though, absurdly close to that level), and rated it a 9/10

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