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12/23/2018 16:49:55 •••


Is what this story is. The author has a masterpiece of a series here. I can only giddily wait when time finally comes for the coronation of the Black Queen.

The story is full of surprises, character development, study on the Wizard World and the other magical communities and showing us what we didnít see or think of before.

The main character, Jennifer ĎJení Black, is flawed, like a real human being, yet perfect, in her own twisted way. She might be apathetic to the world and enjoy seeing her enemies die, but she also cares about her family, the Blacks, and her friends. She still has to learn and the author has promised to have Karma kick Jen when that time comes, but she is still magnificent.

The other characters, such as the Blacks, are also fleshed out and given depth. Some characters (i.e. Umbridge) are toned down and made plausible to exist in the world (Not that I donít enjoy a good fic with Umbridge-bashing), some have actually become smarter and more devious actually making me cheer when they pull out something clever (i.e. Voldemort), others are changed from their characterization by isolating their lesser known virtues (i.e. Hermione), some are shifted into the necessary characterization as they didnít have a whole lot of fleshing out in the books or movies (i.e. Luna). Even other lesser known characters are getting their dues.

The little things that Silently drops seem like throwaway lines, but are actually parts of the story in the future are amazing (i.e. In ĎPrincess of the Blacksí we are told about spells that can enslave others within the Black Library and in ĎBlack Princess Ascendantí Jen uses such a spell on Rita). And even the explanation on why none of the Light families can use White Magic makes sense. Of course, I would like to see a bit more in detail about this White Powers vs. Dark Powers and what it is about, but thatís just me.

The New Prophecy, however, is probably my favorite part. Iím not sure why, maybe its Dumbledore just screwing up Big Time or maybe its what Jen did in the Hall of Prophecies or the possibility of someone (Jen from the future would be cool or maybe its Baron Samedi himself) explaining to Dumbles that he caused Jen to become the dark witch he wanted to make sure never came to pass before he dies. Now that would be a scene.

This is one Black Witch I would love to see win.

12/23/2018 00:00:00

How is it a masterpiece? There are only 2 types of characters in this fic; arrogant and inexplicably hyper-competent, and unbelievably inhumanly stupid. Guess which ones Dumbledore and the Potters are. This fic\'s characters are just poorly written across the board.

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