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04/25/2015 10:27:54 •••

Not just a Metroid, but also a Silent Hill

While this game may be like the other Metroid titles, it actually tries to creep the player out many times throughout the game. It works. The game not only lets you be "Samus Aran, Ultra Badass Space Warrior", but also lets (makes) you be "chump". To explain, you're able to kill most things throughout the game, but (most prominently with the SA-X) there are points where you'll just die if you try to fight. Few of the scares in this game are cheap, too. Jumps are every occasional but do happen, though they just serve to push the story along or tear down your sense of security (EMERGENCY IN SECTOR THREE).

The game feels great to play. It feels mobile and agile when moving around. The wall jump also makes an appearance, which doesn't really serve much of a purpose in this game, unlike Super Metroid and (though for sequence breaking) Zero Mission. Shooting, to give it some onomatopoeia, feels "MMPH". Whenever a shot hits an enemy, the flash and sound effect (along with some little bits of stuff falling to the ground) makes it feel satisfying.

The bosses are mostly okay. Some are incredibly annoying, but many aren't very memorable. Neo Ridley, the SA-X, and the Omega Metroid are the exception.

Lastly, it works exactly like every other 2D game in the series, so that automatically makes it decent, but there are still problems with navigating the place. Sometimes, the game gets very Guide Dang It, and is just annoying the get from one place to another.

Overall, great game.

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