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09/01/2018 05:00:24 •••

Season opinions

My opinions on each Season and Movie:

Season 1: Man this show is hilarious

Season 2: Even better than the last one

Season 3: This is the best one yet

First Movie: What a nice way to end the series

Season 4: Some bad ones, and some good ones, mixed together

Season 5: What the hell happened to you SpongeBob?!

Season 6: Oh my god, that toenail scene

Season 7: Will this show ever be good again?!

Season 8: Not great, but better then the last one

Season 9: So far so good

Movie 2: Looks like they're getting back into the swing of things

Season 10: I hope it's good

08/06/2018 00:00:00

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09/01/2018 00:00:00

Ughhhh...House Fancy would\'ve been a perfectly fine episode if they had skipped that scene.

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