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03/24/2015 05:26:39 •••

The Killer Game for the PS4, Finally!

This is the Must Have Title for the Playstation 4. It's hard, but never have I experienced a game with so much reward to the player for putting the time and effort into a game. Yes, this game is hard! Yes, you will die, a lot. But, when you do make it and kill the boss it gives you such satisfaction that no other game can give you. Do yourself a favor. Buy this game! It's that addicting.

Bloodborne is as glorious as it is grotesque, a harsh and unyielding exercise in getting battered mercilessly while feeling encouraged the whole painful way. While very much a Souls game through and through, the switch from methodical and slow progression to a faster, ultimately more savage environment provides just enough of a twist to give it a wholly unique feel, a more empowering journey, for both the player and the opposition. Bloodborne is something truly special a barbaric horror RPG that will giveth and taketh away in perfect measure, wrapped up in a perverse world that will refuse to let you go.

If you love victorian era Gothic Horror settings and if you love cool and interesting weapons and a really good challenge for your gaming skills you should definitely pick this one up, it's great to see Miyazaki back in the helm of the series, and the game is actually fun! I mean yes you'll have your frustrating parts of difficulty but you'll have definite fun! Doing it, enjoy the hunt!

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