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03/13/2015 19:11:51 •••

This could actually be something.

Considering the (accurate) comparisons many people make between Mind 0 and Persona, one would think that a Persona buff such as myself would turn up my nose to M0. After all, it's clearly the inferior title comparing the two. Nobody's arguing that. There are a number of design choices that I can't help but question, and the difficulty spikes at certain points of the game are utterly punishing and almost unfair. The bosses will hand you your ass on a platter.

And yet I can't help but like this game. Going further, I can't help but hope this becomes a franchise, as Axys Games and Zero Div iron out the more awkward parts of it. This is simply because while this IS a Persona ripoff, there are a number of unique features that, dare I say it, are almost better than Persona at times.

I know, shocking, but it's true. Having the MIN Ds protect you while they're out, and balancing their use with bare-knuckled attacks and guarding from their wielders is a fantastic idea. It honestly made me feel like MIN Ds are more of a Guardian Entity than Personas, as they soak up damage for you as well as casting spells. The constant switching between 'stances' added a level of strategy to Mind 0 that I found truly endearing.

As I said, it's in no way a perfect game. Given the choice between the two, I'd pick Persona hands down. But if Mind 0 can learn from its flaws and come out with a more balanced sequel, it'd likely earn a place in my library.

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