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03/10/2015 07:43:06 •••

A great live action cartoon that needs a special edition release.

Yes, I know Anchor Bay had their release last decade, but I'm talking about another one with a retrospective documentary featuring interviews with Alex Winter, the co-director, the actors who played the freaks and the creature effects creators. Getting Keanu Reeves would be impossible though.

It should be called "A Freaktastic Retrospective". Somebody give Arrow Video a call!

Anyway, the film is indeed very cartoony, which makes it work. And it is the only way a movie like this can be made. It wouldn't work as a comedy if you made it serious.

The creature effects look amazing. This is something CGI can't do. The Human Worm looks incredible and so do the giant monsters at the end (yeah, their mouths don't match the actor's dialogue, but I guess that was done for laughs).

The comic timing and jokes are very well directed and really do make you laugh. You know a film like this would be very badly timed like those stupid Saban straight to video movies, but no. Alex and the co-director did a show called Idiot Box and that's where they got their training from. It always helps to rehearse the scenes in your head for months until you actually shoot it.

It is a very 90's movie and I'm a 90's child. I only saw for the first time this year.

If you like silly, wacky, cartoonish movies that are creative and don't take themselves seriously, then give this a go. Especially if you want to see special effects done the old fashioned way.

Now somebody called Arrow Video about that special edition!

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