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12/31/2017 12:23:32 •••

One swood guy.

Now, you'd think that being one of YouTube's approximately 6,346th people producing fast-paced, sixteen-jokes-a-minute, slightly racy video game (and paraphernalia thereof) videos would make it a tough task to stand out. For one Jon Jafari (Pretty much the awesomest name ever! What's his middle name, "Hansgruber"?) and his adorable talking pet sidekick... not so much. Exactly why is hard to say. He's just got "it"... that elusive, dynamic combination of likeability, comedic talent, passion for what he does, and pretty swell facial hair, all things considered.

Though he's been kicking around the interwebs for a fair few years, his entire video catalog can be viewed in a comparatively short amount of time. Quality over quantity; always leave them wanting more. He's not overly focused on trying to force some dumb meme in every new episode; just making jokes he finds funny, and if you like 'em too, well, more power to ya! Maybe he's a bit overly reliant on stuff that'll probably make you laugh regardless of the joke made, i.e. Smash to Black usage straight out of The Hack's Guide to Being a YouTuber. But, y'know, it's kind of part and parcel of the genre. Can't complain too much.

He tends not to set out with the typical mindset of "LOL LETS MAKE FUN OF THIS BAD GAME"; he actually genuinely seems to want the games he plays to be good. If they aren't, well, he tends to accentuate the positives anyway. His introductions to whatever subject he's presenting helps you get into the mood, and are informative and decently researched, without ever delving into quoting a Wikipedia page.

And hey, I might be wrong about this one too, but the guy just seems like the real deal among all the people affecting some sort of pretentious reviewer alter ego. His enthusiasm and passion for video games always provides a steady anchor for even his most over-the-top review. If he didn't enjoy what he does, he seems like the guy who'd know when to quit, and not go through the motions to perpetuate some level of fleeting internet fame like a lot of these veterans whose popularity's on the wane these days. And I just gotta respect that. Mr. Tron, me likes you.

(One thing though... what is this guy doing reviewing video games?!? With his vibrant, manly voice, he should rightly be filling stadiums across the globe!)

12/31/2017 00:00:00

Just to address the elephant in the room... I couldn't be more disappointed to learn of Mr. Jafari's disagreeable political views. This review was obviously originally written in the long-ago, more innocent time of 2015. Damn, you think you know a guy...

Despite these revelations, I won't mention it in the review proper because I believe in separating the art from the artist, at least as long as they separate the art from the politics. And, y'know, as long as they don't attend a KKK rally or whatever. Let's hope he can keep things that way. Having zero tolerance for opposing viewpoints is why there's so much trouble in the world. Us and them, man.

(Longtime readers may catch on to the fact that the review title was changed. But not any part of the actual review, so boo!)

12/31/2017 00:00:00

(This random message auto-generated when I corrected the review subject namespace. I'm not astroturfing my review comment count, really!)

12/31/2017 00:00:00

Having zero tolerance for opposing viewpoints is why there's so much trouble in the world. Us and them, man.

Yeah... if you can watch Jon's videos while keeping his racism far away, fine, more power to you, but there absolutely does not deserve to be any reconciliation with any side that says: "I want Mexicans, Jews, and blacks evicted from the country". Some things are political viewpoints to agree to disagree on, like "I want to raise taxes" or "I want stricter gun laws". Other things like "I want to expel your family from the gene pool" are too dangerous to tolerate.

12/31/2017 00:00:00

I remember a few warning signs from his old time at Screw Attack. Like when he asked what everyone\'s favourite Pokemon game was and when I said \'Pokemon Black\' he said I was committing white genocide and needed to leave the site forever. And his review of Cooking Mama was just him sarcastically asking \'Cooking Mama? Why not Cooking Papa?\' followed by him putting on a Frankenstein mask and chasing teenage girls away from the local college.

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