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11/13/2014 10:49:29 •••

What did I just watch???

Holy SHIT was that trippy. This was very 1970s, from the musical numbers, to the trippiness, to the gender jokes.

There's song and dance numbers all over the place. I counted 20, not including a few "mini songs" that lasted seconds. The songs are about everything, and occur without warning. One of the first is Raggedy Andy singing about how he's a "rough and tumble boy" and he's no "girl's toy". Wow, way to insult the target audience right at the start. Hey girls, did you know that your dolls hate being your toys? What really gets me though is how absurd it is to see this goofy little adorable ragdoll flip and flop around in his attempts to prove how tough he is while singing and dancing!

Everything is alive, the story makes no sense, the characters, especially the supporting cast, are really weird, and it's super random. Some characters feel animated differently than others, but the opening credits tell why - specific characters are animated by specific people. Ann and Andy have no personality, but I happen to find them charming.

What's the plot about? There isn't much of one. Ann and Andy chase after a pirate toy that had kidnapped a newly purchased doll imported from France. The rest is all just stuff that happens.

Stuff like:

The evil tiny king who has random body parts which enlarge whenever he laughs, and inflates like a balloon when his Lovecraftian abomination tickles the heroes. The monster made out of candy that eats itself. The camel who hallucinates seeing ghost camels going to heaven and chases after them. They all have song and dance numbers.

How about the implication that all this happened in the real world? It's easy to forget, considering the insanity of what happens at times, and that there are some locations that have a totally black background, but once the heroes get back to the real world, there's some live-action with the kid who owns the toys. That must mean that all this madness actually happened.

Anyway, I really enjoyed it a lot. Good music, good animation, trippy as balls "story" and animation and songs and everything. It's quite the trip, and well worth taking.

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