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01/06/2018 06:35:23 •••

In my opinion, the greatest movie of all time

The first Toy Story was an instant classic which changed animation forever. However, its sequel, Toy Story 2, is so utterly exceptional in so many ways that it deserves nothing less than to be referred to as absolute, solid-gold perfection. To me, this is it. The greatest movie in the history of cinema.

Toy Story 2 is a tale unlike any other, a story overflowing with excellent moments and surprises of every kind. Every single character is funny, wonderfully witty and fits into the story perfectly, with their every line of dialogue memorable. Every single scene, from the explosive opening to the thrilling, heartfelt climax, is an utter delight and absolutely essential to the movie's rich and beautiful tapestry. There's not a single moment that feels out of place. The adventure to find Woody is so incredibly fun, hilarious and gloriously detailed that it's impossible for me to criticise any facet of it. It's just so monumentally likable, involving and varied that it never runs out of steam. Every character gets their chance to shine, every one of its themes are universally identifiable, and its messages are unforgettably poignant and never cease to inspire me.

While the first Toy Story's animation looks ever so slightly dated now, Toy Story 2's is nowhere near dated. It's remarkable, being constantly colourful, realistic, artful and always appropriate. As for the soundtrack? Once again, it's perfect, and Jessie's song, "When She Loved Me" may be the greatest song ever written for a film; a magnificently touching and deep song about the heartbreak of being abandoned, briefly reunited and then abandoned once more. The film's ending is also, in my opinion, the greatest ending any film can have, wrapping up everything in exactly the right way. I can honestly not find a single solitary flaw in this film, and it's the only film I've ever seen that I can truly say is 100% flawless.

Toy Story 2 isn't just a masterpiece, it actually goes beyond that. It's an astronomically tall peak in the history of entertainment, the kind of movie that comes around just once and is never, ever seen again. It's such an immense cinematic achievement that I am completely certain that no film ever released in the future will ever top it, no matter how big or ambitious it is. Toy Story 2 is the magnum opus of magnum opuses, a diamond that will shimmer eternally.

11/04/2014 00:00:00

It's good to see a person whose willing to put it all on the line in the title =D

11/04/2014 00:00:00

It's probably a consequence of the word limit, but could you explain some more detail why it stands above other movies? What does it reveal about humanity? What makes its characters deeper and more lifelike than other films? What's ingenious about its plot? So far it just feels like every line of the review is mostly hyperbole and synonyms of "great".

11/05/2014 00:00:00

Well in my opinion the film's plot is ingenious because the writers made sure to make every single scene an absolute joy to watch regardless of its tone. The opening, Woody's nightmare, the road-crossing scene, the part where Woody discovers his legacy (and the gorgeous music that goes along with it), Woody trying to retrieve his lost arm, any scene with the "New" Buzz, Woody being repaired, Jessie's song, the elevator scenes, the drive to the airport, the airport climax, everything else... it's all perfectly crafted to me, an endless blast of diverse fun and charm, with every little scene linked together so well. I can't think of a single moment I'd remove. It's filled to the brim with little details and touches which greatly expanded the Toy Story universe's depth.

I mean, who would have thought the scene where Woody gets repaired by the toy cleaner would be so good? When it started I remember thinking "Oh, here we go, this is going to be boring". Turns out it's one of the movie's best scenes. The music that plays is perfect and it's so fascinating watching Woody being restored to looking fresh-out-of-a-box. This is precisely why I was never moved by the incinerator scene in Toy Story 3. It was overblown, predictable and just wanted to play on the emotions of the nostalgic ("Look! Your childhood heroes are about to die! It's soooo sad! Oh wait... nope, they're fine."), and it's nowhere near as innovative or artful in my opinion. You can't rush art. To me, it's the simple, sweet things that invoke emotion, and Toy Story 2 does this at every turn. It balances everything out instead of trying too hard to be dark or saccharine. And that's why it has a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes, a score it more than deserves.

Trust me, no other film has ever given me so much than this. I cannot thank John Lasseter and the rest of the film's cast and crew enough for it. The first Toy Story terrified me, but I grew to love it. Toy Story 2 improved everything to the max. It's impossible to improve. Nothing else ever made by mankind will ever go above it.

11/07/2014 00:00:00

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10/26/2017 00:00:00

This is a fine film, but the greatest? Nah. And that\'s not snobbery. For me to consider a work of fiction a masterpiece, it needs to examine weighty themes, and say something about life and the human condition. This flick doesn\'t do that. If anything it speaks to the toy condition, which is good and all, but that\'s not really relevant to human society or culture, is it?

01/06/2018 00:00:00

@Yasmin Perry

Personally, I agree that Toy Story 2 is not the greatest movie of all time. Truth be told, I don\'t even know if I would call it a masterpiece. But I feel quite certain that it says something about life and the human condition. Any story with sentient characters (whether they be animals, inanimate objects, or abstract geometrical shapes) says something about human transformation. So while I\'ve never known any depressed Penguin toys with broken squeaker devices, I\'ve known ill or aging individuals who felt as though their physical deterioration vitiated the security afforded by their communities. And while I\'ve never known any stuffed Cowboy dolls who considered becoming a museum display in Japan, I\'ve seen co-workers struggle with the ephemeral nature of their professional contributions, and thus, find the availability of lucrative positions abroad in conflict with familial loyalty. And while I\'ve never known any Cowgirl dolls who distrusted human beings, I\'ve had friends who were hesitant to trust in others on account of past abandonment and perceived worthlessness. I am, in fact, not trying to suggest that Toy Story 2 is a brilliant masterpiece - merely that its themes are easily applicable to the human world. A story needn\'t involve literal humans to say something about human society or culture. But, if you would rather a work\'s themes be more literal and less metaphorical, then I understand entirely.

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