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09/19/2014 04:57:09 •••

Itís a decent game.

I played the game in the Mother 1+2 version on a GBA emulator in Japanese, and found it to be pretty good, but not the amazing masterpiece people seem to think it is. First off, I found the game very hard to complete without a walkthrough, given the potential to miss a lot of important things (though this might just be me). Secondly, the ending comes out of nowhere, with little to no Foreshadowing. As for game mechanics, since I was using an emulator, I was able to speed up the game and grind a lot more easily, and even with Ninten at level 64 (the walkthrough I was using said he should be at least at level 38 when confronting the final boss) I had trouble with some of the enemies on Mt. Holy Loly/Itoi.

All in all it was a fun and somewhat addictive game, but I enjoyed the Pokťmon games better.

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