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05/06/2020 19:53:36 •••

...Meh. And it got worse.

So, Total Drama.

The writing's lazy, the art style and animation are horrendous - being an attempt at a "retro" style. And by that, it means: blocky, unsightly, and because of a complete aversion to Off Model, similiar to Family Guy, everything is stiff, expressions are bland, and, well, it doesn't look like the art it thinks it's imitating. It completely lacks style, and the character designs just top all of the awfulness off.

The writing is even worse. It seems like bad things just kind of happen to the Butt Monkeys because they're winning, and the writers - lazy hacks that they are - can't think of ways to get rid of them, either because they're not popular, or Heather needs to do better.

A horrible show that has an overall bland, uneasy... Canadian-ness about it like 6Teen and Stoked that just puts me off.

05/06/2020 00:00:00

\"Canadian-ness\". Racist much? If you had said \"Japanese-ness\" or something like that, then imagine the backlash you would have gotten.

05/06/2020 00:00:00

^ If I may be \"that guy,\" Japanese is an ethnicity, Canadian is not. You can make a case for xenophobia, but racist is not the right word.

05/06/2020 00:00:00

^ Fair enough. I'm just fed up with the excessively hostile, near-xenophobic sentiment that many cartoon lovers possess towards Canada's animated series. Maybe it's because I grew up watching Teletoon and YTV, but people need to stop acting like any cartoon from Canada made in Adobe Flash or Toonboom and shown on children's channels is a crime against humanity that will brainwash kids into having "bad taste" and that we Canadians should be ashamed of making "soullessly produced inexcusable garbage".

This asinine review to me exemplifies the problem, with its insulting attacks on the writers, nonsensical and poorly-researched exaggerations, excessively hateful language, and obvious Nostalgia Filter and hand-drawn purism towards American "muh childhood" cartoons. Shit like this makes me want to hate on American cartoons for no reason other than to say "fuck you" to these idiotic jackasses and their "precious" childhoods.

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