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08/20/2014 18:35:34 •••

A Piece Of Work Butch Hartman Himself Would Be Proud Of

The work of this series is absolutely amazing. The writer is a genius on par with Butch Hartman and Steve Marmel at their best. You'd think he was once a member of the writing staff. These stories are so good, they're mostly the only DP stories I read. It's got something for nearly every DP fan. While many writers like to take things following the finale of the series to crazy heights, these stories do so in a manner that doesn't lose the focus of the source material. It shows a probable continuation of the cartoon that not only doesn't lose track of the development the characters have gone through, but also manages to ADD to it. It also handles the most important part we DP fan care about the most: Danny and Sam's new relationship. While I'm sure there are many writers out there who play it out in a touching manner, this series is taking it in directions unimagined before. In short, these stories do the cartoon proud and are only getting better. I do believe that if Butch Hartman himself knew about these stories, not only would he give them his own seal of approval, but he'd probably declare them the official fourth season of the show!

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