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04/29/2014 18:49:27 •••

An evil twin of a beloved show

Some people have compared the TCB pony's to mirror universe versions of the pony's we all know and love. A comparison that is sadly accurate in no small amount of stories. I would also say that the TCB could be considered an evil counterpart to the show itself.

While Friendship is Magic espouses ideals such as tolerance, and accepting others in spite of their differences, a good amount of TCB stories encourage genocide ether aimed at humanity or aimed at the pony's. Its almost like while Friendship is Magic uses the ideal of friendship to keep going, The Conversion Bureau survives off of the raw hatred of the writers, weather its for the fic itself, for humanity, for the ponies, for one of the many authors in the genre, or for something else involved in the whole mess.

Its really disgusting how so many authors see the pony's as superior to humanity while the pony's themselves are embracing some of the worst aspects of humanity. You have your imperialism, your genocide, your extinction of native cultures and your smugness all in one easy to despise package. Their is a morality lesson in hear, and its that when you put a 'pro-human extremist' faction like HLF into a setting, you should make sure that they aren't right about their main point, because its clear that the pony's are in fact out to wipe out humanity in a good deal of the stories they appear in, and sometimes we don't even get to see pony's that favor humanity to at least give us the impression the HLF's views are anything other then 100% accurate. I would normally hate an organization like the HLF due to their natural prejudice, but the very worst of these story's somehow manage to above and beyond the call of 'unsympathetic' protagonist and actually make me want to cheer on the mooks.

Honestly even with the few gems hanging around in this mine field I can't help but feel that the TCB is just one of those mistakes that would have been better off no made.

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