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04/11/2014 08:36:26 •••

One of the BEST, if not the BEST battle-shounen manga ever

My favorite manga of all time, well at least until Togashi comes out with another masterpiece.

The complexity of each and every character in the series is what makes it fun to read. Gon is not your typical battle-shounen hero. Sure he's dumb, naive and friendly, but he's really quick to get serious. Throughout the series Gon has to fight stronger opponents, and he has to rely on his brains to outsmart his enemies. Some of the fights ends up with him running away because of the enormous power gap between him and his opponents. Gon also has a darker side to his personality, which is emphasized in the Chimera Ant arc. The other characters, protagonist or antagonist, primary or secondary, gets enough of the spotlight that makes them interesting and human. They're aren't cardboard cutouts. Hunter x Hunter is heavily character driven.

Some of the reviewers complain about the complex nen system and the messed-up Chimera Ant arc. Let me clarify these things. The nen system is the most complex and unique power system in fiction. But just because it's complex doesn't make it boring. Rather it did the opposite. For those who didn't know, the Nen of one person is based on his/her personality and ideology. Nen ability also becomes stronger or weaker depending on the emotions of its user, and the restrictions which the user imposed upon him/herself on the usage of their Nen ability. Nen portrays one's own personality and ideology. And when nen is used during fights, it clearly shows the clash between ideologies and personalities. And the main reason for fight-scenes in any story is not to portray two or more people beating the shit out of each other, but to show a clash of ideologies of the characters, to force them to grow. Well, at least that's my opinion.

The Chimera Ant arc was spectacular and the ending of the arc was awesome. It portrays humanity and what it means to be human, and the advantages and disadvantages of individuality, compared to the hive-mind of the ants. The tension of the series is taken up to eleven in this arc. The build-up was great and crucial to the excellent climax of the arc.

@ Pieballz on "no one tried to fight the King", if you're unarmed and the enemy rides a freaking tank, would you face him one on one? Of course not. If any of the hunters tried, they will die meaningless deaths.

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