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06/26/2010 13:53:07 •••

Ruling the world ... damn it's awesome!

Ruling the world is a common goal to a lot of villains, (of course) but that does not mean that the rest of the world does not want to try it. With The Sims, you got an easier, cheaper, and probably less dangerous way of doing it.

You create people; name them, give them personality traits, decide how they look and mostly everything about them. Then you can build a home for them, and start playing. You decide everything about what they do; what job they take, what they do, who they talk to – you can make give them success with their jobs and their relationships, if you want to … or choose to make their life a living hell and drown them in the swimming pool. No one will judge you. No winning or losing, you decide everything.

The only thing negative about the first series of Sims was that there was sort of a ‘stop’ in them. When you finally had the best job, had married the pretty sim next door, had a kid, you could find yourself going: Now what? I reached the top, what’s next? That’s where the expansion packs came in – first with only new stuff to buy, later with things to do, like going on holiday or getting pets or magic.

And then the Sims 2 came along. It had more angles for the camera, a better way to create the sims (you didn’t you choose a head and clothes like in the original, here you can actually decide if your sim shall have an overly large nose and pointy ears), and most importantly; time was going. In this, the sims aged. They went from baby to toddler to child to teenager to adult to elder, and finally – if you hadn’t killed them before that is – death. This way, the Sims 2 never reached a ‘stop’ like the first did. They had a certain time, and when they were gone, there were other sim you could continue to play with. There is a past, you can see in memories the sim have, and in the family threes. You can make any story you want. Make the sim sleep with her father in law and father his children in secret! Let them get kidnapped by aliens! Create a public graveyard, filling the space with loads of headstones as sims die in different ways! (I did all of this)

In my opinion, the Sims is an amazing game, and can be very very VERY addicting. The entire series is a brilliant; simple, yet very complex. And addicting. Did I mention that? You have been warned. Cause lets face it; who doesn't want to rule a world?

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