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05/13/2019 18:21:26 •••

In a word, meh

I only got through about half of the first fic, so if it gets better, bear with me, but Percy is pretty much the epitome of White Knighting. He gets Zoe to start falling for him by basically spouting how much he hates those that disrespect women and all around can't shut up about it. It comes off as shallow and insincere. He also gets into a fistfight with his brother and the slightest insult against Zoe. Twice. Speaking of which, his brother Theseus is a no-brain thug written specifically to make Percy look saintly. His only purpose in this fic is to sit around camp and get beaten up by Percy every other chapter because he's so dumb he couldn't rub two pennies together. Nevermind that resorting to violence at the drop of a hat like Percy does is exactly the sort of male behavior that would turn off a huntress. There's also the part where Artemis automatically respects him, mostly because of his embarrassingly cliche "Stepdaddy beat me an mummy every night and left my entire body littered with scars" backstory. The plot itself sticks to canon and is afraid to let go. Considering a good chunk of the original cast is missing from Titan's Curse, that's quite impressive. Speaking of which, one of the changes is that Annabeth is present on the quest to find Artemis. She's there for literally no reason. She barely even has a line. Thalia has a couple more, but not many, while Phoebe is there to literally manhate every four seconds, even after Zoe, her direct superior, tells her to cut it out multiple times. Considering how Zoe is in canon, I honestly doubt she would have mouthed off after the first time she was berated.

Overall, I just can't get past the Gary Stu Percy in this (did I mention he was trained by like every famous Greek Hero and is on par with all of them in combat? Yeah... He also got Orion moved from Elysium to the fields of punishment because he started bragging about almost scoring with Artemis.), and despite the fact that he has a few rather glaring flaws, like starting a bunch of fights, everybody looks over it. Literally the only people that don't think he's perfect are the Ares camp and his brother Theseus, both of which are written to be dull, no intelligence thugs. Theseus can't even really use a sword, despite being a son of Poseidon, where canon Percy had instinctual knowledge.

05/13/2019 00:00:00

I have to say I agree with you on all parts. I think the story as a whole was fairly hollow and unremarkable, not nearly as good as his other stories like Exiled, the Labors, which actually have their own, clear and unique plot.

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