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02/08/2018 08:57:53 •••

One of the mott uplifting works of fiction to ever exist, and one of the best anime i've ever seen

So you're getting a bit tired of all the very cynical and "down to earth" works of fiction. I mean, sure, you like them, but after a while it gets a bit turgid. Eventually you will cry to the heavens with arms outstretched "Give me something that's completely over the top, boisterous, flmaboyant, idealistic, happy, and awesome, with no attempt at subtlety!"

Enter Gurren Lagann.

Let's go.

The characters are all likable, sympathetic, and have real flaws. They are bigger than life, very often hammy and do things that even they percieve as impossible, because that's what they do. But they are humanised pretty damn well, and the warmth and ties between the characters is tangible. Sure, the characters have flaws and bad things sometimes happen, but in the end these characters in the end are people to look up to as an example of shining heroism.

The tone is probably the most optimistic thing i've ever seen on the planet. But it's because the series portrays tropes such as the Power of Friendship, and heroic resolve so straight and honestly that the series is so uplifting and awe inspiring. It completely passes cheesiness and Narm by virtue of playing these tropes so straight, and emotionally true.

The battles in the show are the other particular reason it makes the grade. Hint: FUCKING. AWE. INSPIRING. Sure, the fights start out as awesome but typical mecha fare, but slowly escalate into something entirely different, on a scale I can barely concieve. It starts with a fight, a small robot versus a slightly bigger one, and at the end involves two GALAXY SIZED MECHAS throwing galaxies at each other. May seem ridiculous from the outside, but this escalation is perfectly built up and feels natural, not mention awesome. Near the end It took me a few seconds to take in that the Main villain's homeworld wasn't just really small or something, and that the scale had just gotten that big.

Essentially it boils down to Rule of Cool. But Gurren Lagann is not just cool. It's probably the most, I Kid you not, uplifting work of fiction ever. It's about the intrisic potential of humanity as a force for good, fighting against impossible odds but winning anyway because of their essential goodness and strength of heart. Nothing is impossible and one day you too could pilot a giant mech to save the galaxy.

10/06/2013 00:00:00

(By the way, I'd say that the closet thing to this in Video game form is Bayonetta, just in the sheer joy of being over the top)

02/08/2018 00:00:00

If you want something over the top and hammy in video game format, try Disgaea.

02/08/2018 00:00:00

It's about the intrinsic potential of humanity as a force of good, fighting against impossible odds but winning anyway because of their essential goodness and strength of heart.

Mario does that on a regular basis, no mecha required.

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