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03/20/2020 12:17:46 •••

Total Drama: From 's'alright' to 'lame'

Being a brand new fan and having access to the internet, It took me a week to watch the entire series back to back, from Island to Revenge. The first three seasons were interesting. I liked that the creators were willing to take chances with Action and World Tour. Except for DJ's flanderization, it was a good watch. but things took a turn for the lame for Revenge of the Island. No rose tinted glasses here, Revenge is just not that good.

There are two problems with Revenge of the Island. The first is the episode count drop. Cutting the count when bringing in 100% new cast members was a bad move. Season 1 gave me time to learn about the characters, and I learned to care about them, and that couldn't have well happened if there were only 13 episodes. Now after 78 episodes with the first cast, Cutting their season down to 13 isn't a bad idea. But 13 episodes on characters I know jack about? No good. Total Drama is more than the torturing of animated teens for our amusement. It's about the animated teens.

The second issue is the cast themselves: they don't have much going for them. Mike, Lightning, Dawn, B, and Brick are interesting concepts, but these characters are missing likability: They didn't seem larger than life, or even pop out. Jo is a better Eva, but Eva wasn't much of a character; Sam is a poor man's Harold; Anne Maria and Dakota are fodder like Staci but stayed longer than they should have; Zoey is sweet but nowhere as interesting as nice girls Bridgette or Gwen; Scott is an idiot that got lucky he didn't contend with last season's cast, and Cameron...God I hate Cameron. Add in the part where most of the cast were all in their little world practically, too engrossed in their own problems and selfishness, and weren't too bright on paying attention, making themselves easy targets for the series' worst villain, Scott. (I can write a whole review on why Scott in any other season would be completely ineffectual, but because of idiot balls in Revenge, got as far as he did.)

Total Drama is an interesting show, but if more of the same problems happens in the next two seasons, Would going around saying 'I'm a new fan!' make people like me, or feel sorry for me?

09/15/2013 00:00:00

Do it. Do a review of why you think Scott would have sucked as a villain in Seasons 1-3. I'm being sincere when I say that I really want to hear your arguments, since I don't like Scott either. To me, the best TD villain will always be Heather.

09/15/2013 00:00:00

I strongly disagree with this review. Reducing the episode count was one of the best decisions they ever made. Seasons 2 and 3 had bad pacing because they were just as long as season 1 but with a much smaller cast, meaning we had to put up with tons and tons of filler. And the new cast was a breath of fresh air after seeing mostly the same cast for three whole seasons. If anything, Revenge of the Island has proven that Total Drama has found its footing and can stay around for the long haul.

05/29/2014 00:00:00

I will say that I absolutely despise Action, 14 (well, 15) contestants with the same episode count as Island does NOT mix well. World Tour I think was paced better, mainly because the reward challenges never seemed to fall into a major pattern and anyone could go at any time. The end of World Tour, especially, got really strategic, it was really starting to become like Survivor, which is great stuff (should I watch that show?) Revenge was just...okay. B was interesting, Dawn I liked, Scott I /hate/, Mike was okay, Zoey was okay, Cameron was actually really cool, I liked his development throughout the season. The rest, eh. Well, okay, Dakota got some nice development and I have a soft spot for Brick. :3 Thoughts on All-Stars, anyone? I started out REALLY liking it, then by around Episode 11, it started hitting the rocky bottom of the slippery slope.

03/20/2020 00:00:00

Scott is a bad villain, yes, but he's nothing compared to Mal from All Stars. I guess an evil Mike personality was to be expected...?

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