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05/22/2015 23:22:14 •••

Just like deadpool's rattled brain, this game is flawed but a ride.

Being a huge comic book fan and an avid fan of the hero genre, I can't pass up the games, but not many walk the same fine line as Deadpool. When I heard he was getting his own video game, I rented it, played it extensively, and now the question.. What do I think about it.

The game-play is of-course, as you could have guessed, quite arcade like and fun and even challenging at times. This game throws alot more game-play types than I was expecting and that is a very nice surprise and I liked that they added different areas of game-play to break up the combat. The combat is fun, but it can get repetitive so it's nice to have a breather from it every once in awhile. The sword and gun-play are fun, don't get me wrong, but you just find yourself using the simple blade combos because honestly, that's all you really need in the game. It is fun to play around with different upgrades and combos, but it will only get you so far.

The environments just don't look that great to be honest. I'm not a guy who cares about graphics. I just wanted more detail with what they had to work with. The look of it is fine, but the details just are not up to par. The character models are all very well done though which I expected especially from High Moon, but everything around them could have been so much better if they would have looked a little more on it. They just feel simply generic and plain to me and that is rather disappointing.

The banter in combat is hilarious and keeps me entertained. Nolan North did an amazing job voicing Deadpool and really brought the character alive. The other voice actors also seem good, but they can't outshine Deadpool. The humor shines through with his reaction to tasks and everything. His conversations with some of the other characters are downright comedic gold and right up Deadpool's disturbed wacky dark alley of sorts.

Rent or Buy - Honestly, even if you are a big Deadpool fan, I would rent.

05/22/2015 00:00:00

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