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06/27/2013 15:17:05 •••

The Definitive Deadpool Experience

I had some high hopes for this game, though I didn't actually expect it to deliver, but it did! This game is quite frankly amazing in how well it adapts the character of Deadpool to work in a video game instead of a comic. It is well aware of the relevant tropes and plays with them at every opportunity. You'll see frequent lampshades on gameplay mechanics, jokes based on game development and of course wacky hijinks, because it wouldn't be Deadpool without that. The fourth wall is, as always, absent, and the devs handled that extremely well. Also, Nolan North went all out with his performance on this.

The gameplay though, is good but not amazing. It's functional Hack n Slashy action, it's satisfying and steadily improves as you unlock more weapons and combos, but it won't blow your mind. The areas the game takes place in are too far on the gray side to really be interesting to look at, except when the game departs it's reality and something crazy happens, which is actually quite frequent. As in recent Wolverine games, Deadpool sustains rather graphic visible damage during combat to better illustrate his healing factor, which gets used as a plot point every now and again. I didn't encounter any technical issues but that doesn't necessarily mean there aren't any.

In general, if you're a fan of Deadpool, then there is a lot to love in this game, however, as great as the playthrough is, it must also be said that I don't really see much replay value in this game, so something to consider.

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